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The sacred path begins with a single step …

According to Native tradition, there was always a special person in each tribe that one could go to for answers about dreams, visions and the future. These special people are called “Tellers” or “Seers”; one who has keen moral and Spiritual insight, one who foretells future events.

Silverhand’s own spiritual gifts were recognized when he was a very young child. At the age of 12 he began offering spiritual guidance through his readings for his family and friends. Even then, the “Teachers” or his “Council” as he calls the Spirit Masters and Guides who work through him, provided insight and advice to those who sought answers.

For over 50 years, Ted Silverhand and his Council have been helping others to integrate their spiritual selves into their everyday lives. His teachers, working through him, have proven to many the existence of other worlds and dimensions also under the command of the Great Mystery, our Creator, which stand ready to assist us in our time of need.

In this rapidly changing world, there are many searching, looking for something more to this life.  More than ever Silverhand is being sought out to council on love, marriage, health, parenting, business, finances and other life and spiritual topics.

Silverhand works very closely with his guide Tall Pine, a relationship that spans multiple lifetimes.

He has a history of accuracy, which has attracted many, in all walks of life, to his table. He is classified by Elders of Ontario and Quebec as a Traditional Healer in good standing.  Silverhand works in many Traditional Health Centres and Elders Lodges throughout Canada and the US.

Since before recorded time, Man has strived to know the balance between the natural and the spiritual worlds, and the role Man plays within those worlds. All of Silverhand’s consultations are conducted on a spiritual level, in the Native tradition, much the same as Indian Seers have done since the beginning.

His links with the Great Spirit, his strong tribal traditions and his great compassion, all combine to bring real and immediate aid to those who sit with him. For many, Silverhand has become more than a traditional Seer or Teller. He has become a Life Consultant. He has been featured in many news releases throughout the United States, Canada and South America.

His Teachers, who work through him, prove the existence not only of other worlds and dimensions, but of those who stand ready to help and assist us. We are all one under the Great Mystery, the Creator.

The Prophesies of every people say that now is the time for us to find our individual paths again and walk in a sacred manner.  Only in this way can we quiet the turmoil within, and survive the turmoil without.

“He came to me in the form of a man, but I recognized him to be the Badger. He spoke thus:

‘I am your relative; behold me. Do not build your dreams around your accomplishments, but build your accomplishments around your dreams’.”

~ Eagle Shield, Lakota