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Please note: We no longer accept personal checks as payment.  All readings must be pre-paid by cash, e-transfer, postal or bank money order.  We also accept PayPal payments for Telephone readings.  All show readings are paid for at the show.

Ted Silverhand’s 2022 Tour Schedule

September 10 & 11
Sat 11am to 6pm – Sun 10am to 5pm

Destiny Reader Psychic Fair
Burrstone Inn
1777 Burrstone Rd., New Hartford, NY
(Utica Area)

Event website

September 17 & 18
Sat 10am to 5pm – Sun 10am to 5pm

Spiritual Holistic Expo
Allentown Fairgrounds, AgriPlex,
302 N. 17th St. Allentown PA

Event website

October 8 & 9
Sat 11am to 6pm – Sun 10am to 5pm

Destiny Reader Psychic Fair
Edgewood Resort & Conference Center
22467 Edgewood Rd., Alexandria Bay, NY

Event website

November 19 & 20
Sat 10am to 7pm – Sun 10am to 6pm

Body Mind Spirit Celebration
Sharonville Convention Center
11355 Chester Rd., Cincinnati, OH

Event website

Telephone Consultations

Hello, SA-GO-Trant, we are also available for phone readings.

You can conveniently pay for your Telephone reading, using the PayPal links below.  Please select if you would like a 20 or 30 minute reading.  The links below are for Telephone readings only, all show readings are paid for at the show.

30 minute phone reading $100USD.

20 minute phone reading $70USD.

  • Once we have confirmed payment, we will contact you to schedule a time that’s convenient for you.
  • As a courtesy to clients, only if requested, consultations are recorded on a compact disc provided by Silverhand.  Cost includes shipping & handling charge.  Please be aware that compact discs are prone to failure, we cannot be responsible for failed recording media, we advise you to record the reading on your side.

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