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Ahneen, Trant, Sago, Wa-Chay, Hello

While with you, I may talk of the following things …

• The Past • The Present • The Future •
• Career • Relationships • Health •
• Finances • Family • Friends •

The sacred path begins with a single step.  How many times have you found yourself following a hunch or listening to your conscience?  Those who actively walk their sacred path, know these are ways  our own spirit leads us to learn about ourselves.

We each have the power to create the life we live, rather than to just react to a set of circumstances that seem out of control. When we understand the lesson each circumstance offers, we can begin to lead lives that hold prosperity, happiness, learning and most importantly, peace.

Walking one’s path is not easy but the sacred path is still there, waiting. We only have to take that first step to begin a life of personal empowerment.

Silverhand is available for Private Office or Telephone Consultations, Native Reserves through the Band Office or Traditional Health Services, Holistic Fairs and Corporate Events.

What to Expect at a Consultation


Silverhand works with a Spirit Council of Native Elders. It is through them that he receives much of his intuitive guidance. He may see part of your past but only as it relates to the present. He will focus on current situations and advise of what he sees in regard to the future, including warnings and observations. He also interprets dreams and visions you may have had.

Time is included so that you may discuss areas of concern. Make a list of questions you wish to ask prior to your appointment but note that many of these will be answered before you ask. Pictures are not necessary but you may present one of someone you wish to discuss as part of your consultation. Please, no more than three pictures total unless you are booking longer than a half hour.

Most of all, relax. Silverhand is here to assist you on your path in a positive manner. Understand that he does not see everything, nor does he read minds. For the short amount of time he is talking with you, he only sees what his Council wants to discuss with you at that time. He takes no personal credit for his success, nor do he boast himself a medicine man, a shaman, healer, or prophet. Most of all, he does not claim infallibility. He is no different than those whom he meets with, who have special gifts of their own.

It is good to keep in mind that each of us, regardless of what lies ahead, is always in control of our lives.

Thank me for my time, if you please, but remember to thank the Creator for your blessings.

Consultations by Telephone

  • As a courtesy to clients, if requested, consultations are recorded on a compact disc provided by Silverhand. We are not responsible for failed recording media.
  • The cost for a 30 minute recorded consultation is $100USD. If requested, this includes a compact disc recording and shipping & handling charges.
  • All phone consultations must be pre-paid prior to the date of the consultation by postal or bank money order, or you can conveniently pay by credit card on our Schedule page.  Personal checks are no longer accepted.
  • For more information or to set up an appointment for a telephone consultation, you can reach us at: Phone 252-678-4333 or click here to contact us online.